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TAR / TAA- Post-operative Treatments

On this page you will find various methods of post-operative treatments, which could be implemented after the ankle endoprosthesis procedure. This information is not legally binding or obligatory however it is only to provide a general overview of possible post-operative treatments. Patients that have been operated on will receive a discharge letter, which will contain information regarding the diagnosis, surgery and post-operative treatment. This letter will contain post-operative treatment that is relevant to the patient’s condition.

The following information, which will be found in Pdf. format, could service as a guideline for possible post-operative after care.

The standard post-operative treatment for open or minimal-invasive implantation of ankle prosthesis without additional operative measures could be found in the TAR /TAA Post-operative Treatment. This treatment also applies for the open modified Strayer-Procedure, which is one procedure for calf muscle lengthening.

If a percutaneous Achilles Tendon Lengthening (ATL) or additional surgical operation were performed e.g. Fusion operation (Arthrodesis / AD) was performed on adjacent joints. Post-operative treatment should be more restrictive such as the TAR / TAA-Post-operative with ATL-AD.

It is recommended that patients with pre-existing lateral ligament instability, or O-leg (Varus) deformity or ligament reconstruction procedures should follow the TAA / TAR Lateral Instability Post-operative Treatment.

In contrast to the above mention, patients with medial ligament insufficiency or flat foot deformity should use TAR / TAA Post-operative Treatment in Flatfoot.

TAR / TAA Post-operative Treatment ant-tendon pathology is recommended for patients that had alterations to the front tendons. This is most comment in Rheumatoid arthritis patients or previously operated patients.