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Ankle Arthrosis / Ankle Arthritis - TAR

TAR stands for total ankle replacement. Regardless of the causes (accident, idiopathic arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint destruction in cases of malposition, and many more), in case of osteoarthritis of the upper ankle joint, surgery can offer significant improvement.
However, for sound advice and a solid recommendation on the best treatment method, a more in-depth knowledge of the soft tissue ratio as well as of the degree of destruction manifest in the osseous and cartilaginous structures of the ankle joint (plus eventual further injury components) is necessary. The decision whether surgery is advisable and which technique should be applied also depends on clinical and, if necessary, extended imaging diagnostic. Only in rare cases, a stiffening is required. We are currently the only clinic worldwide offering minimal-invasive upper ankle joint arthroplasty (TAA) using keyhole surgery.

Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to be implanted with an anatomically unguided three-component ankle joint prosthesis or, if required, a partially guided (rotationally or translationally stabilized) total ankle arthroplasty. In individual cases, the creation of a custom-made ankle joint prosthesis can be considered, if the diagnosis offers respective indication. At our Foot and Ankle Center Berlin we have the technical capabilities available for these procedures. Moreover, we have the operational expertise of 1200 ankle joint endoprosthesis surgeries, providing you with particular consultation expertise and subsequently the option to perform the procedure.

Statutory health insurance regulation

Statutory health insurance bears the costs for surgery – arrival, and departure are generally paid for by the patient. You should schedule a 5-8 day stay at the hospital.

Patients with statutory health insurance need a letter of referral from their family practitioner or specialist. Please feel free to schedule an appointment via email. Our service team is happy to provide further information in case of questions.

Aftercare treatment

The aftercare treatment usually spans 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the accompanying medical conditions or consequences of an accident. To narrow down the timeframe, a visit to our consultation hour is necessary. In most cases, one appointment is all it takes to answer pending questions and obtain an indication.