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Friedrichstraße 134, 10117 Berlin

Inpatient treatment

The hospital attends to you with a pleasant atmosphere and highly qualified nursing staff, taking care of your needs throughout your inpatient stay. The medical treatment is personally supervised by Dr. Boack and his specially trained medical personnel.

Highly dedicated and competent, we take care of your recovery while you stay at our ward, thereby supporting you in being able to go back home soon.

Arrival and departure can be a challenge for the patient. To make your journey as comfortable and hassle-free as possible, we are happy to provide you with information and advice on the phone. Whether you are looking for a hotel or the right train or flight connection – we are at your service.

Our overall objective is to analyze your medical condition and pain, to provide operational support and help you get back on your feet as carefree as possible.

Before the surgery, you will have talked to Dr. D. H. Boack about the upcoming procedure, and a surgery date will be set.

Please note the following things before your surgery:

  • Approximately four weeks before your surgery date you will receive compact patient information with all contact details for the hospital as well as information regarding the procedure of preparation for the inpatient treatment.
  • Inpatient admission takes place on the day of the surgery. Please call in one workday before the day of your surgery to get to know your time of arrival: +49 30 130122364 (from 2:30 pm to 3 pm).
  • In case of cancellation of your surgery, please let us know at the earliest time possible under +49 30 48 47 93 60 (11 am to 4 pm) or send us an email:
  • If you notice any skin alteration in the area that is to be operated (skin damage, insect bite, injury, abrasion) please contact us immediately under +49 30 48 47 93 60 (11 am to 4 pm) or send us an email:
  • The removal of hair is not necessary; the medical personnel will take care of this immediately before the surgery.
  • Artificial/gel nails have to be removed the day before the surgery
  • Some medication has to be discontinued in advance of the surgery. Please consult with your attending physician to make sure that medication affecting blood clotting, in particular VKA (Cumarine / Phenprocoumon such as Marcumar®, Falithrom®, etc.), NOAK / DOAK (Dabigatran [Pradaxa®], Rivaroxaban [Xarelto®], Apixaban [Eliquis®], Edoxaban [Lixiana®, Savayasa®], etc.) including antiplatelet drugs (such as ASS [Aspirin®], Clopidogrel [Plavix®, Iscover®, Duoplavin®], as well as Metformin-containing Antidiabetics (Glucophage®, Siofor® and many more), are discontinued or adjusted in time before the surgery.
  • Furthermore, we ask you to consult with your attending practitioner to timely discontinue (double elimination half-life) or adjust particular medication (antirheumatics/biologicals) that affects the immune system before the surgery.

On admission day

Please bring with you the following items and documents on admission day:

  • Health-insurance card (mandatory as well as private if available)
  • Identification card
  • Certificates of additional insurance for optional services if available (head physician, entitlement to single- or double bedroom)
  • Hospitalization form from your general practitioner or specialist
  • If the treatment is part of a recovery therapy that is part of regulations for professional insurance after a work accident, costs for hospitalization are covered by the employer's liability insurance association. In that case, please bring the accident report / D-13 report with you to the anesthesia information.
  • Walking aids, splints or orthosis
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes
  • Trousers with wide legs or that can be opened from the outer side
  • Sturdy (sports) shoes for the physiotherapeutic aftercare treatment
  • You do not need towels or washcloths
  • Please keep your mobile/smartphone ready in case we have to contact you for last-minute organizational changes (do not mute!)