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Cartilage repair as a treatment

Cartilage damage often leads to significant pain for the patient due to strain on the cartilage, right up to functional restrictions in subsequent stages. Treatment in a specialized hospital is thereby highly recommended. Cartilage (bone) repair "mends" the damaged layers, improving the joint function, and reducing afflictions.

What forms of cartilage repair are there?

To determine the best form of cartilage repair treatment, we first analyze the extent and depth of the damage as well as establish possible provoking causes. There are different types of treatment possible. Among them:

Cartilage stimulation by microfracture

Microfracturing uses mini stitches, inflicted by tiny awls to stimulate the bone marrow and initiate reparation processes in the damaged parts of the joint. This revives the cartilage ground substance and provokes the creation of surrogate-cartilage. This treatment is especially efficient for small areas of the joint with no additional cartilage lesion.

Cartilage transplantation

For Cartilages transplantation, healthy cartilage tissue is extracted from less inflicted parts of the joint (mostly knee joint). The extracted cells are multiplied in the laboratory and later with a second surgery implanted in the affected area of the joint. Disadvantages of the methods are the extraction of cells from a healthy joint and the second surgery.

Cartilage-bone-repair at the Foot and Ankle Center Berlin

For more extensive cartilage-bone-damage (osteochondritis dissecans, osteonecrosis, bone cysts), the techniques mentioned above are not sufficient. To achieve a high rate of success, a combination of the recovery of the osseous deposit and the neoformation of cartilage coating are necessary.

This is why in such cases the Foot and Ankle Center Berlin applies a sandwich-technique. Following the anatomical reconstruction of the osseous structure, the nano-fracturing technique stimulates pluripotent stem cells in the bone marrow, coating the cartilage damage with a membrane, thus allowing the successful treatment of more extensive cartilage-bone-damage.

For treating cartilage-bone-damage, put your trust on the thorough expertise of the capable team at the Foot and Ankle Center Berlin. We provide you with an individual plan of therapy, not only to directly treat the cartilage damage but also to permanently correct the causes for the impairment.

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