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Friedrichstraße 134, 10117 Berlin

Treatment spectrum

The special consultation-hour is focused on the diagnostic, consultation and planning of treatment for patients who suffered accidents, sporting injuries or congenital as well as acquired malposition of the complete foot and ankle joint.

In doing so, we offer the whole spectrum of reconstructive, trauma as well as orthopedic surgery, including our own minimal invasive surgery techniques.

The main focus of our clinical work is on the therapy of patients with severe ankle arthrosis or rheumatoid joint destruction who are being treated either joint-preserving minimal-invasively or provided with an anatomical upper ankle joint special endoprosthesis.

Another possibility is to insert the upper ankle joint endoprosthesis minimal-invasively and provide previously operated patients with a special revision system or provide dysplasia patients with an individual prosthesis.

Another focus lies on the treatment of cartilage injury and degenerative diseases of the upper and lower ankle joint as well as the small ankles that can be treated with minimal-invasive (arthroscopic) procedures. We also use our endoscopic techniques to treat posttraumatic malposition with arthrosis.